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Voice from the Underground (aka VFU) is a weekly show where we talk about something important, such as social & race issues, politics & religion. & even everyday family issues.
Then we talk about something fun, such as sports, comics, movies & gaming. We're huge fans of the Marvel and DC films, Game of Thrones and more, so we find a way to work in these topics and marry them to the important message we deliver.
Basically, we talk about what we want.... because, after all, it's our DAMN show! 
Come on down to the Underground & make it YOUR show too!!

If you would like to contact us, invite us to your network, or submit an application to be a guest on the show, just visit the "CONTACT VFU" link at the top of the page!  We always... ALWAYS reply!!


Hosted by TJ Johnson w/ co-hosts Big Hass & Dutch

TJ is an avid video gamer, Lakers & GoT fan, has a degree in broadcast communications & is the smooth, velvety voice that leads the charge. He also played semi-pro basketball & is a bit of a comic book nerd.  TJ resides in Northern Florida.

Jasen Dutch, the show's producer, is a big Cubs & Blackhawks fan, has degrees in organizational development and religious studies & is a bit opinionated. A staunch political moderate and avid poker player,Dutch lives in the Central Valley of California.

Big Hass holds an MBA in Business (marketing) & is a licensed personal trainer, a cigar aficionado & a community activist who's passion is shining a light on issues important to POC. Hass lives in the Chicagoland area.

These 3 outspokenmotorcycle enthusiasts come together from 3 different time zones to talk about all the craziness going on in the world around us & try to make a little sense out of the nonsense.... We are the podcast where politics and pop-culture collide!

Cigar Reviews

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Cigar Reviews 

If you love cigars, we feature a different cigar review every week, hosted by Big Hass himself!  During the Hass' Humidor segment, Hass will talk about his crazy pairings of cigars, drinks + some rather eyebrow-raising food pairings such as cupcakes & Jack Daniels.  You never know what he's about to indulge in...

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